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10 Content Blueprints To Produce Blog Post Ideas

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The term “content” has become one of the curious talking-points between digital influencers. But digital marketers are unable to find new content strategies to enhance their enterprise growth.

Publishing regular content is the main target for every digital marketer, but they cannot misuse the time in too much thinking and planning.

In this article, we are revealing actionable and insightful content blueprints which can hack a customer’s mindset.

It seems hard to find fresh blog post ideas in a crowd of the internet. If you consider and use these ultimate blog post ideas, then you will never face troubles in chalk out fresh content.

1. Get Help from Google Trends

Updated Google Trends

Creating a content marketing strategy which is straightly related to popular topics is an incredible way to attract massive visitors.

Bloggers who are keen to increase their traffic are always interested in knowing about trending topics. They know that new articles on trending terms can bring up their blog in organic results and get more visits.

If you are a blogger, then you must know that Google Trends is the most popular news resource platform and thousands of news article are opened up daily.

Google Trends helps you to find out how many users are exploring about a certain topic in a specific time.

To use this excellent new resource, you will have to choose a filter option to get more relevant results. You can see today’s result or five years olds trending topics.

Best advice to get info from Google trends that are to subscribe it on demanding keywords. Whenever Google updates some new stuff regarding your subscribed keyword, then you will get a mail.

2. Quora is Magical

Quora is magical

Do you know Quora has become the secret weapon to create a call to action headlines? Users can find most searchable impressive titles to gain info. This question-answer platform offers you more freedom to ask questions and answers. No only you can promote your website, but also you can collect new blog post topics.

The most significant advantages of Quora, you can know which topics are highly answered or viewed by Quora users by clicking “view status and log”.

Every blogger can easily discover new content ideas from Quora. First, you have to make an account by signing up Gmail id then fill necessary account details by setting name.

As questions on Quora but it should be focused, specific and Grammarly free. Here, you get options to ask other bloggers directly.    

Find questions on Quora trending topics by search bar and their suggested questions. You can also find quora writers and history of each question and its answer.

3. Use Twitter’s underrated Features

Using Twitter features

Search on this micro-blogging website using its search bar, which gives great results. This social media platform will show you the most popular topics that may help you to work out on new content headlines.

Twitter is a way of representing professional life so you can also create contacts with top blogging influencers by following them. You can choose filter options to find out the latest trending topics at any time.

Another advantage of this social networking site is you can post your favorite tweets on your website by embedding codes.

Using Twitter

4. Pay Attentions on Blog Comments


It seems strange that a blog comment can help you to pick up a catchy blog post topic.

Yes, it is a reality.

I have written more than ten articles while communicating with commenters and getting ideas from them. This was a wonderful experience because a reader can show you hidden interesting things which you don’t know.

So if you want to follow this rule then always respond to your readers and start a discussion.

Because some of them are influencers who are just come to your blog to learn some new adventure.  So approve blog comments along with web links. This thing will force them to return to the blogs.

5. Give Priority to Google Auto-suggest

Google Auto Suggest

You always see Google auto-suggest but never pay attention to it. I have seen the importance of it during my job. I always find keywords and keep getting amazing new LSI phrases by searching keyword there.

I suggest you use it in incognito window. This tool can suggest you more real-time keywords and it also shows faster than any tool. You can install Keyword Everywhere chrome extension to make your path easier.

6. Your Email Subscribers May Guide You

Email Subsccribers


Your email subscribers are the potential readers of your articles. They know many things about you like your writing styles, your intentions, and your blogging journey so they can be the best advisers for you.

Your subscribers like all of your stuff that you attach with your blogs. Asking them about new blog post ideas can be an amazing experience.

Write an e-mail to the subscribers by putting some queries and encouraging them to revert back with awesome headlines.

7. Google News is the Great Resources of Content



Google News

You cannot compare this great platform to others. It offers you latest and fresh content ideas form worldwide new resources.

But you should not consider it as another news website. It offers potential data more than another web resource which can play a huge role in order to generate blog post ideas.

Visit Google news website by clicking this link and see what is happening in the world. This tool shows you real-time news from all over the world.

You can also get an advantage using newsjacking method and it may help you to improve traffic for an existing blog post.

8. Google Analytics Can Surprise You

Google Analytics


You might be surprised after reading this paragraph that Google analytics can suggest you attractive blog post ideas. This free analytical tool mostly uses get to know the traffic performance of our website.

You have used it many times with different intentions but not to getting content blueprints.

You always want to create great content. To achieve this goal you will have to pay close attention to your existing articles and determine which article performed better. Through this way, you can get fresh content ideas to produce more front-page headlines and Google analytics can play an immense part if you take the right steps.

Visit Google analytics >> Click on Behavior Option >> then can view site content >> All Pages

Now you can see all of the web pages which are getting more exposure. There are lots of alternatives you can filter your results and compare them by date and webpage.

9. Look at Your Competitors

Compitative Analysics

I think you know this point starting from your blogging journey. This is an ordinary way to find some new stuff but some effective techniques can make it extraordinary when you follow them.

Note – Ignoring competitors may be your biggest mistake during blogging journey.

Always keep yourselves on active mode while reading competitor’s content and observe article’s headline and its length, subheading text, images and videos, share numbers comment sections and one of the major writing styles.

If these points are not enough in any case then turn your eyes on trending or popular articles.

10. Buzzsumo won’t disappoint you

BuzzSumo Benefits

This freemium tool lets you measure the popularity of domain and single article on several social media platforms. Buzzsumo is the most popular tool amongst and it shows real-time metrics in the right order along with accurate data.

If you don’t have any data regarding an existing article that how many times it has been shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest then buzzsumo may be your helper.

Let’s take a practical overview. Check this keyword “Blog post ideas” in Buzzsumo’s search bar and analysis the results. You can see the first and second results are showing sharing parameters on social media. These results suggest you trending topics ideas along with catchy titles.

Think about paid offers to get the most recent results because two years old result will not help you anymore in this fast-changing digital world.


There is no conclusion if you are really looking fresh content blueprints because finding a fresh idea is never ending process.

If you are a pro blogger then you can find out many interesting ways to generate trending articles. Serve your readers what they want to read. Focus on reader intentions and follow them in every possible way.

Always follow top digital marketing influencers on their social media pages. Most of the top marketers always ready to teach struggling bloggers and they also dominate a specific industry.

Neeraj Sharma
Neeraj Sharma has started his career as an SEO executive, but now he is willing to become a copywriter. He has been working at hostnetindia.com; web hosting company has been offering shared, Linux cloud, dedicated server, and free SSL certificate since 2006. This company is going to become a new heartbeat in the web hosting world. He always reads thriller and crime novels in his spare time.