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10 Free And Useful Google Tools No Blogger Should Ignore

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A good number of tech-savvy individuals start blogging as their first career. They take a lot of steps to get success in blogging. Only a few of them get the desired success. The rest of them lose their cool and leave blogging sooner or later. When you start blogging, you have to complete a wide variety of tasks in a timely fashion to run a successful blogging career.

All successful bloggers use supporting tools to make the blogging work easier and quicker. Are you also a hardcore blogger? Looking for useful tools to stimulate your blogging activities? If yes, then check out the list below comprising 10 free, but using Google Tools:


A large number of individuals don’t show any interest in text content. Even interactive infographics fail to appeal them. Such demanding visitors love to stay on your blog for a considerable amount of time if it is attached to YouTube Videos. Videos are easier to understand and have great potential to be shared by visitors. Since its launch back in 2005, YouTube has been No. 1 Video sharing site. You can use this free offer from Google to make your blog popular by doing Video marketing on a regular basis.

Google Webmaster Tools 

Google Webmaster Tools is an outstanding tool using which you can control and manage lots of useful data in an easy way. Just use it along with Google Analytics. It will help you in many ways, such as Site Configuration, site optimization, measurement of website performance, and easy diagnosis of problems with websites/blogs.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a very useful tool for all marketers whose leads depend on the successful management of customer’s calls. Google Voice enables you to create a phone number so that you can easily receive or make phone calls. It also allows you to see the text messages in an interface, which is similar to Gmail. It is a boon for all those marketers who don’t want to use their office or personal contact numbers to be used for dealing with demanding customers. With its help, you can track customer calls easily and serve them accordingly.

Google Trends

The game of SEO is very complex. Search engine marketing professionals need to keep a close eye on the latest Google trends to optimize websites and blogs easily and get the desired results. Google trends is a helping hand for all SEO Specialists. With this tool, they can find relevant information on search rankings and trending topics and run SEO campaigns accordingly. It also helps you to Identify regions with high interest on your keywords/terms, analyze competitors, monitor your brand, Find authentic sites and articles for backlinking, choose the best keywords, and keywords in hottest trends. So, its a complete SEO tool for all serious bloggers and website optimizers. Just utilize it properly and be a boss in the blogging world.

Google Translate

Google translate is an ideal tool for all those bloggers who have to deal with international clients/customers/visitors that don’t know English. Using this tool, you can communicate with your clients in their favorite languages and generate more business opportunities. It also them to run and manage Multilingual WordPress blogs and meet the needs of international clients easily and effortlessly.

Google +1 Button

Social sharing of blog posts matters a lot when you eye for higher ranking of your blog in Google and other search engine’s SERP. Among others, Google+ is an important social networking website, which gives greater exposure to your posts and helps you gain more visitors back to your website/blog. Just install this tool on your blog and content and make it easier for visitors to share your posts on Google +. Your blog might be placed well on all search engines.

Google Mail (Gmail)

When you run and manage a successful blog, lots of Emails hit your Email inbox on a daily basis. Some of them are useful for you, some others are junk. So, it becomes very difficult for busy marketers to sort out relevant Emails and reply them in a short duration of time. Gmail is an ideal solution to all these problems. It automatically filters Emails into multiple categories and keeps your inbox clutter-free. A good Email service for all bloggers.

Google Insights

Google Insights enables you to look for authentic keywords and see their performance on different search standards. It is a helpful tool in local SEO. Just use this tool and see how your digital marketing efforts are performing. You can make the required changes based on the results.

Google Drive

Online bloggers need to access content wherever they go to keep their blogging activities up. With the assistance of Google drive, they can share and save files online. You can store 5GB in Google Drive, 1GB in Picasa, and 10GB in Gmail without spending any money. If you need to store more documents, you can go for its premium plan @$2.49 per month for 25GB and $799 per month for 16TB.

Google Docs

If you want to create, save, download and share documents online, Google docs are the best platform. You can easily create content using this platform and share it with your staff for further use. It is a very handy tool for all digital marketing professionals and bloggers.


Every ardent blogger needs some tools to accomplish different blogging activities easily and effortlessly. The above-mentioned Google Tools will help you to manage blogging assignments in an easy way and make lots of money out of it.

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