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“A lot of success comes from repeated trial and error” says Rachel.

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Rachel has been writing about marketing, content creation, and social media for the past 10 years. She is currently the Content Marketing Director at Bop Design, a B2B marketing and web design agency. She earned a BS in Management from Boston College and holds a Master of Arts in English from CSU, Long Beach.

Please tell me about yourself and your business.

Currently, I’m content marketing director at Bop Design, a B2B marketing and web design agency headquartered in San Diego, CA. I have 18 years of advertising, marketing, and sales experience in a variety of B2B industries including banking, finance, web design/development, software, etc. In my role at Bop Design, I manage our content marketing client accounts to create thought leadership content, attract high quality website traffic, and to maximize website conversions.

How do you think digital marketing, more specifically SEO has changed over the last 10 years?

Over the past 10 years, digital marketing and SEO have evolved and become quite a bit more sophisticated. Humans are demanding more and more information about companies upfront and the best way to deliver this is through a variety of digital resources and mediums. Ten years ago, a company could do very well by having a blog that was updated once or twice a month and a very basic website. Today, websites must be fast, user friendly and expertly engineered. The thought leadership space is becoming very crowded so it’s essential that brands and companies put as much thought into their content strategy as they do into each piece of content.

The state of regular Google and Facebook updates are uncertain and challenging right now — how are you and your team managing through it?

Google and Facebook have always been changing/updating/trying to do what is best for their users (and their own pocketbooks). The best way we’ve managed is to think about the end user and to provide valuable content that really resonates with what they need. It’s not a question of quantity, it’s a strategy of quality content with the right paid promotion strategy behind it.

Everybody knows about what you have achieved, I would like to talk some major failure stories and how they impacted your professional life? (We know Rome wasn’t built in a day)

There isn’t a particular failure story for me, not because there isn’t one, but because there are many. A lot of success comes from repeated trial and error (or failure). I’ve thought in the past, this strategy is a sure fire win, only to watch it return little to no ROI. On the opposite side, I’ve tested out strategies just because it was something new without much investment or hope and watched those campaigns take off.

Who are some of the remarkable people you connected within the industry who’ve made a memorable impact on you? (And how they have helped you stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the marketing/startup industry).

Within the San Diego SEO community, I’ve made connections with a lot of thoughtful, insightful people. Gwen Beren, Founder of Illuminous Marketing. She’s an SEO powerhouse and is unfailingly willing to try something new and learn a new technical skill. This always motivates me to believe that I can learn a new skill or a new platform or a new technique. Courtney Hartmann Tisa is another person who I’ve worked with that is a Marketing Director at another San Diego agency. She has a strong writing background, but has such a creative perspective on how to communicate a marketing message. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the two founders of Bop Design, Kara Jensen and Jeremy Durant. Kara has an extensive background for B2B and design, which she marries so well with her ability to make sense out of seeming chaos. She really has a talent for boiling things down to the important element. Jeremy, on the other hand, has a passion for helping grow businesses. I’ve learned a lot from him about how to handle leads and truly nurture them, not do busy work.

What makes your business/company so unique among its competitors?

What makes Bop Design is our obsession with a client’s success. A lot of agencies out there want to land the “coolest” and “hippest” clients. However, they completely overlook how innovative and groundbreaking so many B2B companies are. We get that. For example, a software company doesn’t just put together codes to make things work, they are revolutionizing an industry like the insurance industry to make it more nimble. That’s exciting. Every person in our agency recognizes this excitement in the products and services of our clients and is passionate about translating that and helping our clients be successful and grow their business.

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