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RankWatch Search Engine Settings Update

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RankWatch has taken another step towards replicating the search engine crawl into becoming as human as possible. This update relates to the changes in the auto correction default settings of the search engine(s) on RankWatch account. What Is Auto-correction? Auto-correction is an algorithm that corrects misspelled words into their most relevant counterparts assuming what the […] Continue Reading >>

Tracking Content Rich Google Results On RankWatch

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It has always been a holy grail at RankWatch to serve to its user any and every information which plays even a minute role valuable for their SEO decisions. Having the same thought in mind, we are always looking out for opportunities we could work upon to increase our bandwidth of data digging. This led […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Update: New Search Engines Added For Rank Tracking

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The fundamentals and values of RankWatch has always been to serve our users with the best and maximum information as we can. This has always been the drive and incentive for us in meeting the requirements of all our clients for SEO management. Gradually and eventually, we are trying to cover up all the aspects […] Continue Reading >>

Youtube tracking on RankWatch


The ultimate goal of RankWatch is to offer its users every piece of important information related to their SEO efforts. With this thought in mind, we upgraded our tool yet again and came up with a new feature – Youtube Tracking! Now, along with tracking your rankings on a number of search engines, you can […] Continue Reading >>

Evolution of Cloud to Fog Computing


“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison“ – Steve Jobs Small business or a large enterprise, the way to store and access personal as well as business information has taken a massive revolution. Carrying the data […] Continue Reading >>