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Local RankWatch | Another New and Exciting product by RankWatch

20 Nov 2015 No Comments

That’s right! We have built another amazing platform, and this time we are enabling both local businesses and the Digital Agencies that handle them. What is LRW? About 10 months ago, we started building another platform, Local RankWatch. Fondly called LRW, it aims  to solve the problem that every Digital Professional comes across at least […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Launch – Site Auditor goes for BETA today! Analyze all your URLs for On-Page Errors!

01 Oct 2015 2 Comments

Please welcome the new Site Auditor module to RankWatch. The new feature has been added to the family to improve your website’s Crawlability, Accessibility, Content, Semantics, Links and Coding. RankWatch will first test each page against multiple checkpoints and once it identifies the issues, related to any of the sections mentioned above, it will categorize […] Continue Reading >>

Anatomy of a Creative Mind: Do You Dare to be Creative?

18 Sep 2015 2 Comments

Henri Matisse once said “Creativity takes courage”. Courage and the other traits that distinguish the creative mind is what we will try to uncover in this article. A lot of research has been conducted on the topic of creativity and recently psychologists and experts have made significant strides in discovering its mystical secrets. I believe […] Continue Reading >>

‘Backlinks’ is now ‘Link Centre’! Check which links are toxic for your website and why!

10 Jul 2015 One Comment

As far as our old backlink module goes, we provided you with all the essential details about your backlink portfolio such as total backlinks, which were then categorized based on different segments such as ‘Deep Link Ratio’, ‘Do Follow vs. No Follow’, ‘Site Wide vs. Non Side Wide’ and ‘Image vs. Text Ratio’ along with […] Continue Reading >>

5 Productivity Hacks I Swear By

08 May 2015 No Comments

If you are someone who handles a large volume of emails (internal/clients), manage a team and/or are at a CXO position, below are some hacks and applications I personally swear by to get the maximum out of my day. I will be sharing my personal use cases and I hope this is as useful to […] Continue Reading >>

Ranking Overview Adapts to User Requirements

27 Sep 2014 No Comments

The Ranking overview section on RankWatch has been tweaked to give a new dimension to the rankings data previously generated for your keywords. The feature has been included to accommodate some necessary information that our users previously had to manually calculate. This will automate a process and will primarily save our users further time to […] Continue Reading >>

Google Unleashes Panda 4.0 Update – Have you been affected? Check Now!

22 May 2014 No Comments

On the 21st of May 2014, Google rolled out with an update of Panda 4.0, with ~7.5% of all English queries being targeted while focusing its update on sweeping low-quality content on web pages,  with Matt Cutts himself announcing it. In consequence, this has left many to be crowned as Winners and Losers, with E-bay […] Continue Reading >>

Stay ahead of your competition by using Competitor Watch in RankWatch

12 Jan 2014 No Comments

Being in a competitive industry is what drives innovation and one should always keep enemies closer than friends. In the Digital Marketing world, your enemies can be defined as any related website to yours which is ranking higher than you on SERP’s and is driving traffic away from your website. Based on this, Competitor Analysis […] Continue Reading >>

Analyse your Backlinks better with RankWatch Mach 4.0

09 Jan 2014 No Comments

Anybody who has remotely studied or keeps an interest in Search Engine Optimization would have heard the term “Backlink” at least once. For others, who are new to the world of SEO, must be keen to know what a ‘Backlink’ is and why is it so important. Backlinks in recent times, have become extremely important […] Continue Reading >>

Interviews on a Sunday at RankWatch

27 Oct 2013 No Comments

While most people were lazing around on a Sunday, RankWatch is hosting interviews for the position of the PHP Developers.  These candidates were selected out of 2500 + applicants, traveling as much as 600-700 miles to come for the interviews. The first round, which was an MCQ  Round has been conducted, and the applicants are […] Continue Reading >>