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7 Ways to Continually Find Fresh Content Ideas for Your Marketing

09 Jan 2017 No Comments

Writer’s block is something that plagues every content marketer from time to time. Sometimes these bouts last for a couple of hours, while other times they can drag on for weeks. Avoiding lengthy blocks requires a profound understanding of the root cause, as well as solutions for coming up with fresh ideas. Understanding Content Exhaustion […] Continue Reading >>

David Ogilvy’s 50-50 Rule and How it Can Improve Your Content Marketing

16 Nov 2016 No Comments

When you develop a post for your company’s blog, how much time do you spend brainstorming the topic, writing the copy, and revising the end product? A few hours? Now, think about how much time you spend developing the headline. You probably throw it together in 60 seconds, right? Well, successful advertiser David Ogilvy is […] Continue Reading >>

A Highly Relational Strategy to Building Backlinks

26 Oct 2016 2 Comments

By now, you know that attracting backlinks is of paramount importance when it comes to improving SEO rankings and driving traffic to specific pages. But if you’re spending all of your time sending out generic email blasts to thousands of bloggers and websites in hopes that someone will feature or mention your brand, you’re doing […] Continue Reading >>