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5 easy steps to earn money from your Blog

11 Sep 2015 5 Comments

Blogging is generally considered a hobby, rather than a career option, with the assumption that there is no money in expressing your thoughts online.  However, with the ever-growing social networking channels for content distribution opening up, it in fact, makes it a very viable and lucrative career path. The web is full of ways to […] Continue Reading >>

Google announces Re-branding of Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console

20 May 2015 No Comments

In a surprising and unexpected announcement, Google revealed through a blog post that it is re-naming and re-branding the ten-year old Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console which will be completely dedicated to “anyone who cares about search”. In the statement, Google specifies how the term Google Webmasters does not relate to everyone who […] Continue Reading >>

The importance of turning mobile-friendly and how the ‘Mobilegeddon’ update has affected websites.

06 May 2015 No Comments

Generally, when Google releases an update to its algorithm, it sends a shockwave through the industry with SEO managers across the globe palpitating to forecast their keyword ranking fluctuations. However, this time around Google was kind enough to pre-announce the algorithmic change back in February to give publishers and webmasters a buffer time to make […] Continue Reading >>

New Feature Update: Now Manually Add your Competitor to RankWatch

05 Sep 2014 No Comments

RankWatch always tries to accommodate all feature requests that our users have suggested, since what is important for them is worth our time to deliver. A unique feature many of our current users have suggested to us in the past few months is the ability to manually add their competitors in order to conduct stronger […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Update: Low Hanging Fruits Equipped with Ranking Data

20 Aug 2014 No Comments

Launched yesterday, the Low Hanging Fruits module is said to be the most informative one yet on RankWatch. And now, it has been equipped with a new feature where a user can check exactly where they are rankings for the keywords that are not currently being optimized by them. RankWatch is now storing more than […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Update: Google Mobile Tracking

19 Aug 2014 No Comments

RankWatch always finds new ways to improve and one up our competitors and one way we thought we could definitely overtake them is in terms of ranking information we can provide which will benefit our users track a wider range of search engines. As of now we had more than 200 Search Engines covered including […] Continue Reading >>

What is link building and why is it important for a website?

11 Aug 2014 No Comments

Links and more commonly known as backlinks to all SEO marketers are the soul of the Internet when it comes to forming a successful digital campaign. If there is a way for websites to interact with each other and gain benefits out of these transactions it is through backlinks and their version of monetary gain […] Continue Reading >>

Instant Keyword Calculations with RankWatch. Check when your keywords were last updated and how it looked on the SERP.

15 Jul 2014 No Comments

As an SEO Agency or an individual website owner, some keywords that you are optimizing or tracking always need that little bit of extra attention and care to sustain. Hence, RankWatch understands this and was able to identify this concern of our users and was able to provide a solution to them. Now, on RankWatch […] Continue Reading >>

Keyword Tagging on Mach 4.0

19 Jun 2014 No Comments

Have a long list of keywords? We have the solution! Now group/tag your keywords according to your needs with the latest feature update. Let’s say you have 15 out of 500 keywords that are revenue generating. Tag them as “revenue” and view them using the filter on the dashboard itself. Tag them in terms of […] Continue Reading >>

Website Analyzer Reloaded

10 Jun 2014 No Comments

Like I said earlier, RankWatch is always trying to improve, always adding more for our users to work with. Now for the third time, we have completely revamped the Website Analyzer module, check it out here– No need to sign up! We have made the Analyzing part of Website Analyzer more comprehensive while making the […] Continue Reading >>