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YouTube Video SEO – How To Rank Youtube Video On First Page [Updated]


Although YouTube is the second largest search engine, it still remains an untapped source of generating substantial traffic. Also, with a staggering rate of 5 Billion videos streamed per day and 300 hours uploaded every minute, YouTube has topped the charts when it comes to video marketing as well.  And adding to this, the fact […] Continue Reading >>

YouTube’s New Ad policy: A Hit or a Miss?


YouTube has become the breadwinner for many a people. It has catapulted many personalities to unprecedented fame, even sprouted celebrities from YouTube popularity. With the likes of PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, Yuya and thousands of others content creators publishing a variety of content, new content creators are bound to spring to the video hosting platform for […] Continue Reading >>

One Thing is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It


[block]0[/block] The Face Of Content Marketing In The World Of Today This may initially sound puzzling but yes Content Marketing is no longer as straightforward as it perhaps was a couple of years ago. Many things have changed and it has become a varied multi-faceted beast, encompassing a huge variety of innovative ideas and applications […] Continue Reading >>

7 local SEO tips that deliver visible results


Everyone knows that one of the key components of any small businesses’ digital marketing strategy is to effectively define your position in search engine results. Over the years, we have seen numerous small businesses encounter great success, all thanks to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But the internet is so crowded with more businesses trying to […] Continue Reading >>

How to Tell If Your Website Is Penalized by Google? [Updated]


Have your site’s SERP rankings dropped abruptly? And did your domain authority experienced a sudden fall? Several reasons are responsible for this unforeseen situation: – Maybe your primary keyword’s search volume has reduced; – Some of your backlinks may have been removed; – Google launched another update to improve search performance. – Or, you must’ve […] Continue Reading >>