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Feature Update: New Search Engines Added For Rank Tracking

10 Oct 2016 No Comments

The fundamentals and values of RankWatch has always been to serve our users with the best and maximum information as we can. This has always been the drive and incentive for us in meeting the requirements of all our clients for SEO management. Gradually and eventually, we are trying to cover up the all the […] Continue Reading >>

Youtube tracking on RankWatch

11 Jan 2016 2 Comments

The ultimate goal of RankWatch is to offer its users every piece of important information related to their SEO efforts. With this thought in mind, we upgraded our tool yet again and came up with a new feature – Youtube Tracking! Now, along with tracking your rankings on a number of search engines, you can […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Update : Added Security for Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

24 Nov 2015 2 Comments

We have recently upgraded our backend to change the way you integrate Webmasters with RankWatch. The upgrade focuses on Security, Privacy and better integration of your Webmaster account. This has been carefully designed keeping in mind how important data security is and how we can make sure that it remains intact. With the new integration […] Continue Reading >>

Local RankWatch | Another New and Exciting product by RankWatch

20 Nov 2015 No Comments

That’s right! We have built another amazing platform, and this time we are enabling both local businesses and the Digital Agencies that handle them. What is LRW? About 10 months ago, we started building another platform, Local RankWatch. Fondly called LRW, it aims  to solve the problem that every Digital Professional comes across at least […] Continue Reading >>

How can RankWatch’s Website Analyser serve as a prospecting tool?

18 Nov 2015 One Comment

In a perfect world, all your prospective clients would be running to you, knocking at your proverbial agency gate, asking you to help them with their SEO. Money would be flying all around you. You would be having the choice to pick out the highest paying client. You might even be invited for an occasional […] Continue Reading >>

Feature Launch – Site Auditor goes for BETA today! Analyze all your URLs for On-Page Errors!

01 Oct 2015 2 Comments

Please welcome the new Site Auditor module to RankWatch. The new feature has been added to the family to improve your website’s Crawlability, Accessibility, Content, Semantics, Links and Coding. RankWatch will first test each page against multiple checkpoints and once it identifies the issues, related to any of the sections mentioned above, it will categorize […] Continue Reading >>

‘Backlinks’ is now ‘Link Centre’! Check which links are toxic for your website and why!

10 Jul 2015 One Comment

As far as our old backlink module goes, we provided you with all the essential details about your backlink portfolio such as total backlinks, which were then categorized based on different segments such as ‘Deep Link Ratio’, ‘Do Follow vs. No Follow’, ‘Site Wide vs. Non Side Wide’ and ‘Image vs. Text Ratio’ along with […] Continue Reading >>

Tracking Different Keywords Over Different Search Engines on RankWatch

14 Jun 2015 One Comment

The backbone enforcement of RankWatch is all about simplifying and automating your SEO management process. You have multiple Search Engines and you want to track specific keywords on them. On RankWatch, the solution is just a few clicks away. Say you have 1000 keywords, and out of these keywords, you want to track 400 for […] Continue Reading >>

Google announces Re-branding of Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console

20 May 2015 No Comments

In a surprising and unexpected announcement, Google revealed through a blog post that it is re-naming and re-branding the ten-year old Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console which will be completely dedicated to “anyone who cares about search”. In the statement, Google specifies how the term Google Webmasters does not relate to everyone who […] Continue Reading >>

Define your Custom Rank Ranges for your graphs! Now on RankWatch!

23 Feb 2015 No Comments

RankWatch now has the option to edit the Rank Ranges in the graph on the main dashboard and define them to according to your how you would like your keyword rankings to be categorised. See below screenshot of where you will find this settings option. Right above the graph on dashboard an option to edit […] Continue Reading >>