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Evolution of Cloud to Fog Computing

25 Sep 2015 2 Comments

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” – Steve Jobs, late chairman of Apple (1997) In today’s world, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, the way to store and access personal as well […] Continue Reading >>

5 easy steps to earn money from your Blog

11 Sep 2015 5 Comments

Blogging is generally considered a hobby, rather than a career option, with the assumption that there is no money in expressing your thoughts online.  However, with the ever-growing social networking channels for content distribution opening up, it in fact, makes it a very viable and lucrative career path. The web is full of ways to […] Continue Reading >>

5 ways to maintain a steady relationship with your Clients!

04 Sep 2015 3 Comments

Anything and everything in business revolves around the clients you have. A business growth rate can be defined by the rate of acquiring new clients but its stability can only be ascertained with retention rate. The chances of making a sale to an existing customer are 70 to 80 per cent while the chances of […] Continue Reading >>

Necessity and Importance of Mobile Application for your web product!

02 Sep 2015 3 Comments

I was sitting with my friends in a café, scrolling Instagram, when one of my friends introduced me to an android application which helps in learning foreign language and that too without any cost. I can book a plane ticket while sitting on my couch watching TV. I can order food any time, any place […] Continue Reading >>

Office culture- the ambiguous buzzword that has recently come in vogue for the modern corporates!

28 Aug 2015 4 Comments

In the race to getting super-fueled profits and the subsequent cold war of defeating the competitors, often this small but, powerful concept of office culture gets washed away. This strong little word has the potential to increase your productivity five folds, but also can sabotage your goals by maybe say, 10 folds! Building, maintaining and […] Continue Reading >>

RankWatch Goes for Campus Drive : KIIT

23 Dec 2014 No Comments

It was time for another campus placement as another batch graduates from engineering colleges. It was time for us to find fine talent. It was time for us to discover future potential who will join us in revolutionizing the Digital Marketing World. It was time for expanding our product team. A team of 6 panel […] Continue Reading >>

RankWatch visits Chitkara University for a Campus Drive!

03 May 2014 No Comments

We, at RankWatch endeavour to create the best product team out there. Thus, started our quest for talent, to expand our current tech team. Invited by Chitkara University, placed among the Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India by Dataquest, the core team drove to Chandigarh, just over 200 miles from Delhi, India. Students had come in […] Continue Reading >>

The tale of white water rapids, a few jumps and lots of adrenaline : RankWatch goes to Rishikesh

14 Apr 2014 No Comments

It was time for the teams’ annual trip to Rishikesh, which was flagged off from the head quarters at Sohna Road in Gurgaon. So, about 15 of us boarded a “Traveller” for our journey. An 8 hour drive, lots of craziness, some over board with excitement but none sleepy reached Rishikesh, a small town lying […] Continue Reading >>

Spaced Out!

10 Dec 2013 No Comments

After spending a year in our old office, we thought it was time to start afresh with the company reaching new milestones with completely new set of goals and objectives stepping into the New Year. This obviously meant only one thing! Get a bigger, better, bolder office space that meets our aspirations. Located in the […] Continue Reading >>
RankWatch at TechCrunch Bengaluru 2013

RankWatch at TechCrunch Bengaluru 2013

15 Nov 2013 No Comments

Greetings to all from India’s Silicon Valley! RankWatch is exhibiting at one of the most sort after tech conferences in the world in Bengaluru today. TechCrunch, a news website focused on Information Technology companies is hosting its first conference in Bangalore today and the turnout has been overwhelming with techies from all over the country […] Continue Reading >>