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Our Solution to Make SEO Work for a React JS Site

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Our client Pickyourtrail shares this interesting case study where the company has solved their issue of Google not crawling their React JS site. A little background Pickyourtrail website offers travel solutions/packages and also has a destination guide for travelers. The Pickyourtrail team came up with this whole solution because their both the ‘products’ are built […] Continue Reading >>

10 Free And Useful Google Tools No Blogger Should Ignore

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A good number of tech-savvy individuals start blogging as their first career. They take a lot of steps to get success in blogging. Only a few of them get the desired success. The rest of them lose their cool and leave blogging sooner or later. When you start blogging, you have to complete a wide […] Continue Reading >>

Is E-Commerce a Life Hacker for Budding Entrepreneurs

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Online E-Commerce! Before I give you all the Gyan, let me ask few questions. On an average how much time do you spend online, through what channel do you interact with your friends, what excites you the most, how active are you in the digital world? Let’s peek into some stats, Social Media Today clearly […] Continue Reading >>

Why Technical SEO is More Important Than Ever Before.


  “If you post it, they will come.”  It seems like a corny line from a bad move about digital marketing. But the truth is, this seems to be the ongoing advice in the SEO and inbound community today. There is a belief that content will solve all of your organic visibility problems. Sadly, this […] Continue Reading >>

How Google’s Mobile-First Index Will Change SEO, And How To Be Ready For It


  Before the announcement of Google’s mobile-first index strategy, there have been constant changes in Google’s search algorithm – including Google’s announcement of being in favor of mobile-friendly website over non-mobile friendly websites. So, the implementation of Google’s mobile-first index has become a crucial factor in the success of your marketing campaigns. What does this […] Continue Reading >>

10 Landing Page Optimization Tips That Will Help You Convert


  Are your landing pages as effective as you want them to be? As a website/business owner, this is a question that you should be asking yourself on a regular basis but how often do you actually take action and optimize your pages? Your landing pages are such an essential point of your sales funnel, […] Continue Reading >>

Website Metrics That Show Your E-Commerce Website’s Performance


  Keeping your e-commerce website’s performance is important because if you are to survive the online business industry you must know what you’re doing and have a comparison of your website’s metric over time. Selling your products or services online and not keeping track of your website’s metrics is like walking in the dark and […] Continue Reading >>

5 Key Differences Between B2B SEO and B2C SEO


The B2B and B2C worlds are vastly different. They follow different best practices, they support different sales cycles, and they have different business motivators. Search engine optimization (SEO) is no exception to this rule. Today we explain the five key differences between SEO for a B2B company and SEO for a B2C company. Understanding these […] Continue Reading >>

Social Media: Pay to Play – Conspiracies & Tips to Save You Money


Social Media is a big part of our lives. Believe it or not, users spend the most time on instant messaging platforms and apps. It’s no wonder chatbots are getting more and more popular. Social Media platforms are expanding rapidly and their owners, along with advertisers, are trying to profit from this as much as […] Continue Reading >>

Simple Ways Millennials Can Break The Middle Management Glass Ceiling (And Get that Raise)

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  “We appreciate the work you’ve been doing so far, but the fact is, you aren’t qualified”. “Your eagerness is exemplary, but we think you may have trouble acclimating yourself to managing people who are your senior.” “We’re looking for people that have a gravitas for management. This is a core position.” Familiar with these […] Continue Reading >>