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Caught by Penguin 3.0? Escape with RankWatch Agency Dashboard


As you all may know by now that Google has just launched a new Penguin Update 3.0. Rolled out on Friday 17th October 2014, the update is targeted towards sites deemed to be “spammy”, especially those websites that are found to be in violation of Google’s guidelines about linking.

However, as per Search Engine Land, “Google hasn’t yet given more details on the percentage of search results the latest version of Penguin has impacted”, but as per the feedback we have received, some noticed major changes in Google search results beginning late Friday night.

Hence, in light of the new update, we have dedicated all our resources since, to allow our users to monitor and take subsequent precautions to mitigate any rankings fluctuations in your added projects through a new feature release; The Agency Dashboard.

A new take on Management, The Agency Dashboard has been launched ahead of the scheduled date to give you pro-active insights into projects that have been labeled as Critical, Neutral and Achievers to help you estimate where each one lies.

1. Keyword Overview: This section allows decision makers to know at a glance, where majority of your keywords lie in the first 100 Positions of all the search engines added to the account.

Agency Dashboard

2. Top Gainer(s) Vs. Top Looser(s): Measure which projects have gained or lost the most positions and their average rankings.

Top Gainers and Losers

3. Project Health: Label projects according to their overall health based on parameters defined by you as Achievers, Neutral or Critical.

  • Critical: Projects that have less than 30% keywords in Top 100
  • Neutral: Projects that have 31-70% keywords ranking in Top 100
  • Achievers: Projects that have more than 70% keywords ranking in Top 100.


4. Individual Project List: A brief summary of each individual project.

Project Summary



As we are still testing and adding a lot more customizations (the ability to define the parameters to identify the projects that are Achievers, Neutral and Critical) to the dashboard, request you to bear with us for a few more days till all upgrades and modifications are complete.



Sahil Kakkar
Sahil is the CEO and Founder of RankWatch and thrives to make it into one of the leading technology companies in India. Gifted with unlimited ambition and drive you will generally find Sahil with his head down completely isolated from the world, plugged into his own world of coding.