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Essentials of Google’s Disavow Tool

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What is the Disavow tool?

Disavow tool is introduced by Google, which allows you to deny links to your website. If you are cautioned about the spam activity due to the strange links indicating to your site, this tool aids you in resolving the problem. Links are always familiar signs that symbolize the ranking of the search results.

Anyone can quickly get a clear idea regarding the webpage, whether it is popular or unreputed. This is the foundation of the PageRank on which everyone is dependent as they can determine the rankings of the page. As PageRank is a renowned one, it is well targeted by the spammers. Moreover, we always fight with link spam by using algorithms. 

Practising this disavow incorrectly can destroy you. One should disavow those links that were prepared for falsifying the google search results. Firstly, classify your links into a clear arrangement. It will always be better if you manually review your every single link as it allows you to analyze clearly. Better, to prepare a spreadsheet as it makes your work easier. 

Functioning Of Disavow Tool

Disavow sends a notification when you notice proof of paid links, link transfers, and link plans that disrupt the standard guidelines. If you get this notification, it will be safe if you exclude as many spammy links as possible from your website. This is the greatest strategy as it tackles the obstacles from scratch. 

By simply discarding those evil links immediately, you are helping yourself as you are stopping Google from taking action on your site in the coming days. Moreover, with this Google Disavow tool, one can safeguard their organization’s image as there will no longer exist those spammy links. Disavow tool always helps the website to be healthy and to follow the guidelines the SEO.

To diagnose toxic links, you must initially download an entire text of your backlink profile. The tools like Google and Webmaster give a simple outline of the links pointing back to your website. When you get access to the data, you can start the meticulous method of weeding through the information if you feel any link appears suspicious. 

The quality backlinks always indicate strong rankings of the website in the search engine. So, it is always important to get positive links and to remove those negative ones. That is why pruning of links is always a necessary and crucial task as per SEO. 

You can also make use of this Disavow tool if you want to execute a new strategy in your SEO policy. If you are anxious to follow the guidelines of the search engines, this tool will help you to travel on the right path of the best methods of SEO.

Disavow is not an essential tool for everyone. You should make use of this tool only if you assume that you have a significant number of spammy, unnatural and low-standard links pointing to your site and only if the links are becoming a problem to you.

Effects of Disavow links

Sometimes the disavow links may rebound on the users. There are chances of a website to destroy their link profile during cleaning up of the spammy links.  

Tvisha Technologies has had the best use of this tool Disavow. They have got many toxic links to their website from the spammers. They had a definite audit of the links, and through the basic data, we submitted all those links to the Disavow tool .txt format. Firstly, the tool has neglected the links that we have submitted and then it has removed all those spammy links. It has taken almost 60 days to witness better results.

This way, they made their website to be healthy and free from those artificial and spammy links. 

The Advantages of Google Disavow

1. Excludes malicious links to enhance rankings

The principal objective of the Google Disavow tool is to request for the elimination of those spammy and toxic links that damage your website in the ranking viewpoint. This tool is very much useful for those websites which are exposed to such spammy links, and it provides them with an opportunity to wipe up their action. The stablest websites are sometimes prone to these acts, so it is always better to have an audit of all the links.

2. Swift and simple power tool

It is very simple and easy to use. If you recognize those links that you need to disavow, place them in the form of a text file, and transfer that text file to the tool. After a few days or weeks, Google will stop considering or following those links.

3. The tool is free

It is always easier than asking those website owners to discard those links for your website. It may take a few months and sometimes it does not happen at all. In the worst cases, the owner of the website might demand money to remove those links. So in such cases, this tool is free and is much helpful.

4. User-friendly

The best character of this tool is it is too simple, and it is not at all complex. It is easily understandable by the users, and all you have to do is copy all those links and convert them into a text file and upload that into the disavow tool. After a few days, Google will disavow those links. 

Seems fabulous right? There is still a lot more to discuss

The Drawbacks of the Google Disavow tool

1. Elimination of links not promised

This tool enables you to request Google to deny the links, but the ultimate decision lies with Google either to accept your request or not. So, there is no certainty for your request. 

3. Consumes a lot of time

Once you submit those links that appear to be spammy, it takes a lot of time to disavow those links. Sometimes it may take weeks, months. This is the biggest drawback of this tool.

3. Negative effect on the website

If you upload the link without confirming that it is a spam link, this tool harms the website. Therefore you will lose the ranking of the website, and you can notice a decrease in the traffic. So, it would be better if you double check your links before uploading them into the disavow tool.

How to use the Disavow tool

If you feel that your website comprises of toxic links, you have to perform the website link audit by using Google Search Console.

Google Disavow Tool

Based on the website spam score and website business category, sort out those spam links and list down all of them in the text format.

Then, submit that text file into the tool, and you will witness the result after a few days or weeks.

Google Disavow Tool


Uses of Disavow tool


There are both pros and cons of this Disavow tool. This tool may not be a perfect solution for achieving a better ranking in the search engines. But this tool can surely save you from those toxic and spammy links that may harm the ranking of your website. Moreover, this tool will help your website to function efficiently and effectively.

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