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Make Better Business Decisions with Google Analytics On RankWatch

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As website owners and Internet marketers, we all spend most of our time, effort and money to drive traffic onto our websites but usually fail to take the time out to measure the success of these efforts.

Hence, we have fully integrated RankWatch with Google Analytics, with the sole purpose to provide our users with inbound marketing data to make better strategically sound and informed decisions to improve their online performance.

RankWatch will now be able to track the performance of all your marketing efforts on one dashboard with Social, Direct, Organic and various other activities being focused upon and the impact they have on driving traffic to your website along with the source from which they are coming from.

While incorporating Analytics into your reporting, RankWatch is able to provide users with current and past trends based on their keyword metrics, which is vital to determine and compare current marketing efforts versus how they have performed in the past.

Not only does access to Google Analytics data give Internet marketers an edge over their competitors, it also helps gauge the extent of their online growth and most importantly, uncovers the reasons behind these factors.

This is how Google Analytics Information is displayed on RankWatch.

Analytics on RankWatchNow, as you can see, you will have a direct comparison on actionable data right on the Dashboard itself which on your Google Analytics account would have taken you more 8 clicks and 4 Pages to navigate.

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Sidhant Vats
Sidhant not only loves reading and writing about start-ups but also started off in this industry by testing out his own version of a political social network. Looking after Marketing and communications at RankWatch, Sidhant also has a keen interest for design and user experience (UX).