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Now send Website Audits directly to your clients!

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We are pleased to inform you that users will be able enjoy a new feature released by the team last week, this enables a user to White Label and schedule a Website Analyzer Report to anybody in your team or a client with ease.

This new extension to the Website Analyzer module comes in handy when a user wants to send a customised / structured report of their website’s performance.

When you click on the option to download the report as a PDF in the top right hand corner, you will be directed to the ‘create a template’ pop-up. Here, you can create a new template or select a previous template as shown below.

White Label Website Analyzer

If you are wanting to create a new template, just click on the ‘Create new template’ option and begin customizing the report and set this up the way you like it.

There are three sections you can customize as shown below.

1) Introduction Page


2) Details Page


The details page is a key area when customizing the reports, as you know many clients / Managers do not like to see information that is not relevant to them, so this will be critical to make sure you are displaying the areas of interest.

3) Closing Page

Closing Page

Simultaneously, you can E-mail the reports to multiple users automatically from your email address and worry less about sending them to clients at odd hours.

Website Analyzer

Click here for an example PDF.

For any other information on White Label for Website Analyzer or how to set it up please write to us on

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