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Sell Online Efficiently With These 7 Killer Tips

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how to sell online

E-commerce is at its all-time high, researchers are expecting a great hike in this sector. By 2020 the eCommerce is expected to be a $4 Trillion industry. Customers love to shop online from an online store and with the availability of smartphones it has become very easy for them to do so. And in the near future, we are expecting the numbers to grow even higher. The availability of proper resources had made it easy for the merchants to sell online and more effectively.

With evolving times the trends have changed now just having good products will not help you to drive traffic to your eCommerce store.

how to sell online

Now is the time when you would need more tricks, tactics and some game-changing strategies to survive in this competitive world. These strategies will help you get a direct connection with the customers.

To help you kick-start with your online store we have come up with 7 most eminent ways to sell online successfully. These tips will guide you to become one of the most successful online stores, attract more customers and make your business stand out from the crowd.

1. Look For The Design and Check For Responsiveness

how to sell online

No matter how much great products you have, if your website design is abysmal then your online presence goes in vain

More than 93%of the online buyers consider the look of the website as the most important factor to make a purchase.

It would be a tip for businesses to capture the user’s attention and keep them engaged with full-width images and minimum text. You can either hire a full-time designer to design your website or learn to code all by yourself.

But better than learning to code you can find some of the best online eCommerce templates for your online store. There are template stores which provide you with the best free eCommerce themes suiting your niche. You can check websites like ThemeJungle, TemplateMonster, Shopify Themes etc. to get the most stunning themes to choose from.

1.1Get A Mobile Responsive Theme

Not to forget this is the mobile era. People are stuck to these 5” devices. On an average mobile user spends 4-5 hours per day surfing through their mobile devices. Thus it is very much important to choose a mobile responsive theme for your online store.

2. The “About Us” & “Contact Us” Pages

how to sell online

The “About Us” page gives a clear and concise view of what your eCommerce business is all about. The About Us page has to be informative, giving all the relevant details about the company and its working.

Around 7% of the visitors landing on your website are likely to check the About Us page. Those who visit the page have 30% more chance of converting then those who don’t.

2.1 Your website lacks a clear message if it doesn’t have an About Us page.

About Us, it is also very much important to have the Contact Us pages. Providing contact information on the page helps you gain the customers’ trust. You can have a separate page to provide the contact information. Include the full address of the company, contact email, and links to all social media channels.

For an eCommerce store, it is important to include the phone number as in the customer service number such that in case of any query you remain just a call away!

3. Put High-Resolution Pictures

how to sell online

Do not take the images for granted. Your customers remember the most of what they see visually rather than what they read.

Along with the products you need to focus on their images to create an eye candy website. For the best product images keep in mind the following points-

  • Check for quality i.e resolution for the images.
  • Always use a white background for the images.
  • Provide a 360-degree view of the product.
  • In you have variant display pictures of all
  • Maintain consistency in if your product images.

To sell online efficiently focus on the visuals as a picture is worth a thousand words & (click)

4. Customer Support Is Must

4.1 Live Chat Options

how to sell online

Hi… How May I Help You?

The study shows that a live chat button makes the user feel real about the store. Your shop assistant there to answer all their questions. Live chat helps in instant troubleshooting for your customers like if they face any issues regarding the quality, or quantity, shipping process and all.

Try to integrate live chat tool into your website. Such tools will surely help you improve the conversion.

4.2 Online Reviews

how to sell online

For every purchase that any customer does encourage them to write reviews.

Reviews and rating come out to be more convincing in order to motivate for sales. Ratings tell what other customers who have made purchases recently think about the product.

Ask your customers to put in reviews, give them a slight push to share their shopping experience. This will make your products look real.  

4.3 Free Shipping

how to sell online

You can offer free shipping to certain products with high MRP. With Amazon Prime people get their products shipped for free and this has encouraged other buyers to ship free.

Let the customers know that you are offering free shipping, highlight this point about your store.

4.4 Coupons & Discounts

how to sell online

You can offer some products at slightly lower prices in order to compete well and direct more traffic to your website. You can have discounts for your elite customers or the regular customers.  

The type of discount you can have are-

  • First-time buyer discount
  • Volume purchase discount
  • Membership Discounts
  • Special days discount

5. Keep Multiple Payment Options Open

how to sell online

For every e-commerce store, it is advisable to keep all the payment option open like the net-banking, credit cards, debit cards etc.

Also, integrate wallet payment options as they are in trend. For enabling all payment options online store owners should opt for more than one payment options such that they do not miss any payment more.

And last, of all keep the COD option open!

6. Digital Marketing Strategy

how to sell online

Before you showcase your products, provide information about why your users need them. For a clothing store, you can have blogs such as “the best summer collection at our store”.

With such content in hand, you can increase the visit at your store with more than 50%. You can decide on a timetable and the type of content to write, the target audience and the publishing time.

6.1 SEO Strategy

Just to build an online store is not enough you need to make it visible on the web. With the perfect On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategy, you can make your online store rank higher than those of your competitors.

About 90% of the users click on first 3 results, so if your website is at the bottom of the first page then it is less likely to be visited by your customers.

For correct SEO your can-

  • Optimize the pages
  • Generate content with keywords
  • Use alt tags for images
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Use analytics to keep on track your progress

6.2 Social Media Marketing

In order to increase reach, you need to put your foot into social media.

Create business pages on all social media accounts. Share regularly about your industry updates, about the new products launch etc.

For the product launches and offers you can have social campaigns talking about the sale countdown to keep the audiences engaged and stick to your account.

6.3 Email Marketing

This is one of the easiest ways to build relationships with customers. According to the target audience, you can send an email to a specific group.

This appeals to the buyers’ interest and is considered one of the most powerful tools to encourage sales. For email marketing, you can ask your customers to fill up the basic information such as age, name, place of living etc. Gathering such information will make it easy for you to keep track of your customers record and help you target well.

6.4 Run Affiliate Marketing Program

The more word of mouth you have the more beneficial it is for your online store. You can hire affiliates on a commision basis.

There is a separate industry of affiliates who work for these online stores and promote their products. The affiliates are managed through the affiliate network and are paid on every sale or lead they generate.

7. Choose The Correct E-Commerce Platform

how to sell online

There are hundreds of online store builders claiming to provide with the best shopping cart solutions for your online store.

Choose an eCommerce platform that lets you manage your products with an easy CMS, provides you with the easy customization options. You can check some online guide to make your choice easy in the selection of an eCommerce platform to host your online store.


These were some of the tips to be followed by every merchant to curate the best out of their online store. Merchants with a clear vision can adopt for these steps to encourage more sales and profits from their online store.

For any queries write down in the comment section I’ll get back to you soon!

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