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Tips About Content Analysis Research You Can’t Afford To Miss


Content analysis is the backbone of every successful company that wants to have accurate data about their success, especially if they are relying on keywords and online marketing in order to generate more traffic on their website. However, the process of analysis can be overwhelming sometimes, and you might miss or overlook some important aspects of the research you are doing just because it looks endless. The best thing you can do is to stop viewing it as a daunting task and focus on the success that awaits you once you get the analysis done.

So if you are working on new content or making a different strategy for your blog or website, content analysis research should be your primary objective. It will tell you everything you need to know about the future steps you need to take in order to reach success. So here are a couple of tips which are a must if you are conducting a content analysis research.

1. Get to know your core audience

Generating content will be way easier if you are familiar with your target audience. You will know exactly what to publish and when. But you need to make sure you are not focusing on a single group. After all, your objective is to have a wide audience on your website so having a variety of content is the key. Of course, there is no need to go completely out there and publish absolutely anything.

Find your core audience and include up to three different user groups in order to get their attention. You need to keep this list relatively short if you want to avoid further complications or lengthy analysis which might take you weeks to complete. Therefore, there will be no need to create a large number of texts which will eventually lead to better quality of the text published on your website. If the content is fun and engaging, more people will be attracted to your website which is the top priority.

You can always go a step further and talk to your audience because this can reveal a lot about the content you are putting out there. Don’t spend a lot of time on the interviews but select up to five people from each target group and question them about a specific article or a couple of more popular texts from your website. This will reveal a lot about them and their interests, as well as the quality of your past content and how your audience responded to it. You will be able to identify the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your previous work which will allow you to change and improve in the future.

2. Don’t rely completely on competitive analysis

Of course, there are probably at least a couple of websites or companies that are your rivals because they create similar content as you. You might even share the same core audience which can present a bit of a challenge for you and your team. The chances are you are closely monitoring their content and you know what they are publishing on their websites. But the key here is not to go tumbling down the rabbit hole because you might start copying their ideas which will eventually backfire.

It is alright to be inspired by a piece of writing and wish to make something similar for your website, but don’t do it too often because your audience will surely notice that. You can choose to exclude competitive analysis from your research altogether, especially if you don’t feel confident about the possibility that some of your writers might plagiarize the content made by your competition. However, keep in mind that it can still be quite useful, especially when trying to improve your articles. After all, you need someone to compare to and healthy competition can revive the quality of your content as well as motivate your writers to perform better.

3. Keep a close eye on the media

Influencers became a driving force behind some of the largest marketing campaigns out there and they are ruling the social media. Their popularity is still on the rise and you should get to know the most influential people who are in your line of work. They are the trendsetters of the 21st century so having them on your side can increase your popularity with all audiences. Analyzing the industry you are in, as well as the social media, and the people who create trends is a clever way to get the audience even more interested in the content you are creating.

Social media platforms are incredibly important nowadays and you need to find a couple of them which are suitable for your company. A little bit of research will reveal this information in no time. Once you set up the profile and start attracting the audience, make sure you utilize the option of promotions. Your readership probably follows at least several influencers which are prominent in your industry so contact them and make a paid promotion offer. This simple step should introduce your website or company to more people and increase the popularity of your content.

4. Increase the “freshness” of your content

You probably already know that updating your website regularly does not help you move up the ranks as quickly as you want. However, keeping your content fresh and up to date is the key if you want an instant boost to the first place. Your content analysis research should focus on the current events in order to stay informed about the popular topics which are popping out in the media as we speak.

Query Deserved Freshness is a tool created by Google that tracks the popular keywords and places related content straight to the first page. If your web page or blog contains something related to that topic, you can expect a sudden boost in traffic. So follow the events and publish texts that deal with the news while maintaining your own originality and point of view. So make sure you choose a suitable assignment writer for the task. But you need to be aware of your audience’s interests so don’t post about any given topic just to go up the ranks. Use Query Deserved Freshness to your advantage and do it smartly as well as strategically.


Content is probably the most important part of your website and conducting a good content analysis research will give you a good overview of the things which are working and the things which should be improved in the near future. A quality analysis will lead to better strategy so make sure you cover all the aspects of it which might be useful to you and your company.

Always prefer quality because frequent posts that include just a couple of sentences can drive away the readers and potential loyal audience. Create a foolproof strategy by diving deep into the content analysis research, but give yourself some room to breathe because missing a couple of steps is fine as long as you cover the topics we mentioned in the previous text.

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